Face Training launches in the UK!

For those looking for an alternative to a cosmetic surgery face lift.  Although Face Training by Nintendo has been on sale in Japan for the last couple of years, it has now been re-packaged and ready to market to all UK face training face toning exercise fanatics!

Face Training Exercises

The facial exercises that have been programmed into the Face Training gaming device work out and relax all the main face and neck muscles.  Face Training is exclusive to Nintendo, Nintendo dsi & Nintendo Nintendo dsi XL. Face Training uses identical technology that's already incorporated in Nintendo's extremely popular brain training series "Mind Coaching" by  Dr Kawashima. Face Training incorporates some easy but effective workouts that enables the user focus on specified zones of the face and neck by providing an inbuilt "progress" camera. The camera in the Nintendo DSi detects your movements when doing the Face Training exercises. You can even take a photo and Miles will provide advice on that exercise. There is a calender so you can check your daily progress. In total 15 varied toning exercises which could all help keeping the face youthful and natural.

Bonus features include unique mirror angles to experiment with, so you can check your face from different viewpoints and perspectives, which you would be unable to with a normal mirror.

Face Training Simplicity

The workouts were designed with the co-operation of Japanese Beauty therapist  Fumiko Inudo.  One of the Face Training games exercises targets the Ocular Muscle, that has an eye exercise to help ease tension all around the orbital area. Or you can use Face Training to focus on a few areas along with the muscle groups know as Zygomaticus muscles, the major cheek area. Also the tell tale signs of ageing around the mouth region can be softened with a targeted exercise for the Orbicularis Oris and  there is a speciafic excercise to4focus on the Trapezius -  tightening of the neck muscle when using Face Training.

Face Training as Quick as putting on make-up!

Getting started is as quick and easy as applying your make-up each morning! Set your Nintendo Dsi or Nintendo Nintendo dsi XL on its stand and the interior digital camera will show your mirror image as you carry out the facial toning routines. Your own coordinator during the Face Training workout will be Miles, who can be customised to your own preferences. Miles, your virtual coach displays the exercises along with a convienient audio explanation. You can choose from a series of face toning workouts and face training classes that focus on six different areas - eyes, cheeks, nasal area, mouth, mouth and neck - to find the ideal coaching for you.

Revitalise your face with Face Training, CLICK HERE for availability.

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Face training - a natural safe and fun way to improve your facial muscles.